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Halloween Bark

Halloween Bark

Do you need a fun, easy Halloween treat?  We’ve got one for you.  It’s fun, festive, and tasty.

Halloween Bark is a spin on the traditional peppermint bark.  Instead of crushed candy canes, we’ve mixed candy corn, mini Reese’s Pieces, and our Halloween Sixlets mix into white chocolate for an easy and quick Halloween treat.

At Kitchen Kneads we boast 11 different types of white chocolate.  So, which one do you choose?  Frankly, a lot of it is a matter of preference.  We have white candy coatings that have a nice white appearance and don’t require tempering.  We have real white chocolate with wonderful flavor and a creamy color.  You’ll want to stay away from the white dipping chocolates for this application because they stay too soft for the breaking that is required after it’s cooled. 

If you plan on going to our physical store, we have a wonderful staff that is well-educated on all the different chocolates we offer.  You can also call us at 1-888-881-9957 to speak with somebody and have your chocolate shipped to you. 

What you’ll need:

White chocolate (Your choice.  We used our real white chocolate chips.)
Candy Corn
Mini Reese’s Pieces
Kitchen Kneads Halloween Sixlets mix 
Any small Halloween or fall-colored candies

*These are all available at our store

So, how do you make it?

After you have your white chocolate of choice melt it in your preferred way.  Again, if you’re not sure how to melt your chocolate, our staff is more than willing to help.  You can use a double boiler, microwave, stove top, or a number of other methods.

After your chocolate is melted add candy corn, mini Reese’s Pieces, our Halloween Sixlets mix, or any variety of Halloween and fall-colored candies that you prefer.

The amount of candy you add to the chocolate is up to you.  When it’s all mixed in, spread it as thin as you can onto a parchment or Silpat-lined baking sheet.  Add more candy on top for appearances.  Let it cool and harden at room temperature.

When it’s completely firm, break it apart into small pieces.


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