Artisan Bread Flour 3.5 lb Pouch

Artisan Bread Flour 3.5 lb Pouch

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Kitchen Kneads Artisan Bread Flour is a high-quality flour that’s similar to a low-protein European-style flour. It has less gluten, which helps create crisper crusts and irregular hole structures. This flour type is commonly used to make baguettes, croissants, rustic bread, donut bases, and more. Artisan Unbleached Bread Flour produces amazing results and is ideal for your baking needs.

  • 11.7% protein content

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Kitchen Kneads Artisan Bread Flour gives great spring and texture to your bread. It’s a perfect European-style artisan bread flour.  Use it for your baguettes and pizza dough as both benefit from the balance of strength and flexibility in this medium-protein blend.

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3.5 lb

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