Italian Style Flour (00 Flour)

Italian Style Flour (00 Flour)

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American flour is all about gluten: Ready for action and headed for the highest rise. Our version of Italian “00” flour is a little more laid back. Lower in protein and more mellow, it yields the friendliest, gentlest dough to work with: supple, smooth, and easy to shape.

Italian-style flour fills the pantry perfectly for delicious homemade baked goods anytime.

  • The “00” refers to the grind of the flour (this flour is exceptionally fine-textured) and this style is one of our top-selling flours online.
  • The resulting baked goods are light, airy, and have a crisp snap to the crust. It’s ideal for pizza, flatbreads, focaccia, and crackers.
  • 8.5% protein content.

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This signature product is demanded by maestri pizzaioli the world over and recognized by the leading Neapolitan pizza certification associations. “00” flour is ideal for classic Neapolitan pizza in wood-fired, gas, or electric ovens. It produces a very soft and flavorful crust with optimal hydration. The high-quality protein and gluten result in a consistent long-rise dough.

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