Rye Flour 3.5 lb Pouch

Rye Flour 3.5 lb Pouch

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Kitchen Kneads Rye Flour is perfect for classic rye bread.

This is slightly darker rye, milled closer to the bran than white rye. It makes dense, flavorful rye bread when used alone.

You can combine it with all-purpose flour for a classic rye sandwich bread.

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Kitchen Kneads Rye Flour is milled from selected stocks of thoroughly cleaned and tempered premium grade rye grain. It contains less gluten (protein) than all-purpose or whole-wheat flour. For that reason, it won’t produce a well-risen loaf of bread without the addition of some higher-protein flour. Rye flour is also heavier and darker in color than most other flours, which in turn produces dense and darker loaves.

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3.5 lb

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