Why Take Cooking Classes? 6 Awesome Benefits

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why take cooking classes

Why Take Cooking Classes? 6 Awesome Benefits

Have you ever considered or ever thought why take cooking classes?There are so many reasons to take cooking classes. Even if you aren’t looking to pursue a career in culinary arts, cooking classes can help in multiple aspects of your life. In fact, most cooking classes offered outside of culinary arts schools are designed just for home cooks and bakers.

So, where do you go for cooking classes? Well, you could go to a culinary arts school. But maybe that’s not your cup of tea. Maybe you just want to take one or two classes to help you perfect a certain baked good or technique. There are plenty of options for cooking classes online. These are great if you don’t necessarily need to interact with the instructor, if you don’t need a hands-on experience, or if you want to learn in the comfort of your home. But then there’s another option. If you do a little looking (trust me, it won’t take long with an online search), there are many kitchen shops and other institutions who offer cooking classes in probably pretty much every community. And guess what. Kitchen Kneads is one of them!

So now let’s get into the why. Why would cooking classes benefit you?

Improve Cooking and Baking Skills

Cooking and baking classes are intended to help improve your cooking and baking skills. You can learn proper techniques and all the why’s and how’s. When I teach classes at Kitchen Kneads, I like to get into the science behind what I’m teaching so the class really understands what they’re doing. You get to learn from someone who really knows their stuff. I mean, you wouldn’t find someone teaching a bread making class who only makes bread a couple times a year. Our instructors at Kitchen Kneads make what they teach and they make it a LOT. You can trust that they know what they’re talking about. Additionally, cooking and baking classes give you the foundational knowledge that you need in order to experiment and get creative with your own cooking and baking.

Explore New Cuisines and Cultures

Go global and travel the cuisine world when you take classes focused on dishes from different cultures! It’s super fun and incredibly interesting to sample foods from around the world. And different cultures not only have different foods, but they can also have different techniques. Imagine what expanding your techniques arsenal could do for your home food adventures.

Meet New People

If you choose to take a physical cooking class, (so, not online) you’re definitely going to bump into some pretty like-minded individuals. I mean you’ll have one thing in common: you’re both at a cooking class! Cooking classes can help you expand your network and make new friends. Who knows? Your new best baking friend might be at that cinnamon rolls class you’ve had your eye on.

Increase Confidence

Mastering a skill is an awesome way to increase your confidence. Imagine going to a caramel apple class to learn how to get that finicky caramel to stick to the apples. (This is a class we offer annually in the fall, by the way. And it’s taught by me. *wink*) So then you become the caramel apple master. Because you know your stuff, everybody starts coming to you for advice. Or they just flat out offer to pay you to make some for them. (This seriously happens.) MAJOR confidence booster! You’re the caramel apple master because you have this *secret* tip you picked up at a cooking class. Who knows? Maybe you’ll pick up a new hobby that’ll make you a little side income. Anything is possible with a few skills.

Eat Healthier

Don’t we all want to eat healthier? I can’t say that learning how to make perfect handmade candies is going to make you healthier, but it does give you this one thing: you control what goes in it. And that by itself is a good step forward. But seriously, we all know it’s healthier (and less expensive) to make our own meals at home rather than going out to eat or popping some super processed food in the microwave.

Because, like I said, YOU control what goes in it. You can reduce the sugar if you want, you can substitute this less healthy option for that more healthy option, and I highly doubt you’re gonna put preservatives and mass amounts of salt in your homemade meals. So, if you need a little more kitchen knowledge to help you on your eating healthier journey, a cooking class may be just what you need.

Cooking Classes are Fun!

Seriously. They’re fun. Especially the hands-on ones. Wouldn’t a cooking class make a great date? Or a fun outing with friends? Yeah. I think so too.

Here at Kitchen Kneads, we offer so many different cooking and baking classes, from basic whole wheat bread to simple homemade candy to mozzarella cheese making to hands-on cake decorating. We have classes most Saturdays and even sometimes on weekdays. Experience the benefits that I’ve talked about by taking one of our classes. To learn more about our cooking classes, check out our class schedule.

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