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Kitchen Kneads Exterior 3030 Grant Avenue Ogden UT 84401

Kitchen Kneads

A family tradition.

Kitchen Kneads, a family owned business, was first established as Magic Mill in 1973 out of their home and 1976 in a store located in Riverdale, Utah by Bruce and Carla Crane who had outgrown being able to run their business from their home in Roy, Utah since 1973. Being self-reliant, they were able to acquire inventory and a location without borrowing funds from any institution. At first, they started with selling Bosch mixers, Magic Mill Wheat grinder, and bulk bags of wheat. Through their knowledge and teaching of the benefits of cooking quality foods at home and self-reliance, they were able to grow their business rapidly.

In about two short years, they had outgrown their first location and moved to a larger location within Riverdale, Utah that allowed them room to increase their free cooking classes, home storage supply inventory and to include fresh roasted nuts with other hard-to-find quality baking products.

Within just another few short years, they needed to move again to even another larger location within Riverdale, Utah where they resided until 2006 and changing the name from Magic Mill to Kitchen Kneads which was more fitting for the company. In this location, they were able to expand into two adjoining buildings located directly next door to them. With each expansion, inventory was increased to meet the demands of the locality. Being a unique make-it-from-scratch store, they expanded into being Northern Utah’s largest supplier for fresh roasted nuts, bulk chocolate, hard to find specialty foods, kitchen gadgets, bulk foods, and exclusive small appliances.

Today, they have grown to include much of their family within the business, still providing their knowledge, free cooking and home storage classes, and their quality products which sales have increased even more rapid rate than ever since their acquisition of their own building. Many articles have been written about Kitchen Kneads and Bruce and Carla Crane which has contributed to their demand.

In the later part of 2006, they were informed that the building that they occupied had been sold and was mostly to be torn down for Riverdale road construction. With this news, they proceeded to look for their own building. Unable to find a reasonable location within Riverdale, they found a building within Ogden just off the 31st street I-15 off ramp. After purchasing their very own building, they completed renovations swiftly and opened with a more open store of almost 8000 square feet.