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Meet the Instructors

Cooking Instructors

Meet Kitchen Kneads’ in-house and guest baking instructors.

We’re proud to host our staff’s best cooks in our Cooking School where they welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge with you. Whether you’re new to cooking, or a professional looking to elevate your skills, our instructors are here to help you learn. The small class sizes encourage one-on-one learning and our instructors love to be in the classroom with you.

We’re pleased to also welcome great cooks and cookbook authors to teach at Kitchen Kneads’ Cooking School. We bring cooks at the top of their game to work with our students in intimate, intensive workshop sessions. Here you have the rare opportunity to learn with cooks who match your passion for baking with their own.


Kitchen Kneads Instructors

Cindy Child

Cindy has been instructing classes at Kitchen Kneads since 1990. She has a love for teaching and that comes out in her infectious personality and instructional style. Cindy will leave you with new tips and shortcuts to help you achieve great results in whatever you are making for your family. She grew up at Kitchen Kneads and learned at an early age the value of cooking at home and how that brings families together.

Alan Crane

Alan has been making bread since an early age at Kitchen Kneads. He learned to cook with whole grains from his parents and continued his love for baking as he served his Mission in Rome, Italy. Since his return, he has had a passion for re-creating bread from the different regions in which he served. Alan regularly holds classes at Kitchen Kneads where he loves to share his knowledge of bread. Alan has a personal obsession with everything ketchup and salsa!

Sam Berghout

Sam is one of our newest instructors at Kitchen Kneads. Sam has a passion for teaching classes and interjecting her fun personality. It makes her class a joy to learn in and she has a knack of helping her students get the handle of difficult steps with an approachable style.

Bruce & Carla Crane

Bruce and Carla Crane have been teaching about cooking and baking with whole grains in the Intermountain West for over 40 years. Their vast knowledge and ability to help home cooks achieve their dietary goals have led them to become industry experts and speak often on the benefits of a whole grain diet.

Guest Instructors

Chef Brad Wonder Mill

Chef Brad Peterson

Chef Brad is America’s leading authority on cooking and baking with grains. It is no accident he is known as America’s Grain Guy.

Kristin Petrucci

Kristin Petrucci

Kristin Petrucci is now working on preserving her mother-in-law’s culinary heritage by writing the family recipes.  Teaching cooking classes is another way she is able to honor these unspoken family stories passed down from generations.

Brian Child

Chef Brian Child

Food has in some form or another been a guiding force in Brian’s life. Brian began his culinary journey at a very early age cooking food for his family. His Mother helped to instill a love for cooking and nurtured his drive to become better at the craft. He has spent 15 years teaching culinary classes on pressure cooking, grilling, BBQ and smoking meat.


Nikki Madsen

Nikki has been a class instructor at Kitchen Kneads for over a decade. She has a passion for candy making with an emphasis on chocolate and the holidays! She has simple yet effective shortcuts and tips that she has picked up from a lifetime of working at Kitchen Kneads that will help your treats shine! 


JeriDee Burnett

Jeridee Burnett is a pie making expert! Jeridee has been teaching pie making classes for family, friends and teaches classes at Kitchen Kneads twice a year!

Dawn Mikesell

Dawn Mikesell

Dawn has been cooking and baking since the age of 6, helping her mommy in the kitchen. Her interests in nutrition, food science, and the artistry of the craft have given her an understanding and awe of baking. Working on the sales floor of Kitchen Kneads for five years gave her personal connections to the people and store as well as a wealth of knowledge that will last forever.  For the past five years, she has been managing the Kitchen Kneads blog.