Adzuki Beans 4 LBs

Adzuki Beans 4 LBs

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  • Local to East Asia
  • Usually sweetened before use

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Adzuki Beans

The Adzuki bean is native to East Asia and the Himalayan region, and is commonly eaten in Japan, China, Korea, and other Asian nations. These beans are primarily used for sweetened culinary applications in Asian nations, such as in the preparation of natto in Japan. When adzuki beans are boiled and sweetened into a red bean paste, the applications are endless, in savory dishes, sweet desserts, sushi, candy, cakes, or as a topping for waffles, biscuits, or bread. It can even be used to make ice cream!

Adzuki beans are a good source for a variety of minerals, with 1 cup of cooked beans providing 4.6 mg of iron , 119.6 mg of magnesium , 1.223 g of potassium , 4.0 mg of zinc , and 278 µg of folic acid.

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