Black Eye Pea Beans 4 LBs

Black Eye Pea Beans 4 LBs

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Black Eye Pea Beans

5 Black-Eyed Pea Benefits

Inflammation is at the root of most diseases, but a healthy diet including one to two servings of black-eyed peas per day can help fight chronic inflammation and prevent so many serious health problems. This anti-inflammatory effect is what provides so many of the following black-eyed pea benefits.

1. Improve Digestion

One of the biggest black-eyed pea benefits is the high levels of dietary fiber, which helps to promote regular bowel movements and improve the health of the entire body, especially the digestive system. A large amount of fiber contained within black-eyed peas absorbs water in the digestive tract, swells up and carries waste products out of the body. Thanks to being a high-fiber food, black-eyed pea consumption can help prevent constipation, which is always a good thing.


2. Prevent Anemia

Getting adequate iron in your diet prevents anemia, which can cause fatigue and weakness. Anemia occurs when your blood has a lower than a normal number of red blood cells or if your red blood cells don’t have enough hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein that gives your blood its red color and helps those cells bring oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body.

3. Lower Blood Pressure


4. Increase Folate Intake

Black-eyed peas are especially high in folate, which is a water-soluble B vitamin that plays a slightly different role from the other B vitamins because it doesn’t participate in energy metabolism. Folate’s main function is to help the body make new cells, specifically by playing a role in copying and synthesizing DNA. It also helps the body utilize vitamin B12 and amino acids.

Just one cup of black-eyed peas can supply over half of your daily folate needs, which means that two cups could completely supply your requirements for the day.

5. Boosts Skin and Eye Health


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