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Fructose is more commonly known as “fruit sugar” as it is the main sugar in many of the fruits you love. Fructose is almost 50% sweeter than sucrose and it requires 2/3rd the amount to get the same sweetness. This means you get 33% fewer calories per serving! It’s a perfect substitute for those who can’t use table sugar.

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Fructose is a major constituent of many fruits, berries, vegetables, and honey. It may be used alone, or in combination with other sweeteners, in a variety of food products. This sugar is high in sweetness and enhances the flavors of the products. 

Shelf-Life: Fructose Sugar will store for 1 year in a 4-lb bag under ideal storage conditions (cool, dry place)

Uses: Fructose Sugar can be used for candy, powdered beverages, sports drinks, and more.




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