3-Ingredient No Knead Bread

3-Ingredient No Knead Bread

Hi everyone! I thought it might be helpful for some (or many) of you to have an easy and not-much-hands-on-time bread to make right now. Many of us are busy now with our kids and their school work at home, or with now working from home, or any number of things. Bread is still a major staple for most of us and going to the store to buy some may not be the best idea right now or it may be less available at the store. There are also some who haven’t yet learned to make bread the traditional kneading way, so I think this recipe is perfect at this time for many reasons.

My family and I fell in love with this bread a few months ago and I make it pretty regularly now. You can click here to see my Garlic Herb No Knead Bread recipe and why I like the no-knead method so much. In that post I explain how the gluten still develops on its own without kneading.

I like to think of this plain version as a quick sourdough bread because as it sits for 12-18 hours with a very small amount of yeast, it’s collecting wild yeast and developing amazing flavor. But don’t let me saying that I think it’s a quick sourdough deter you if you don’t like sourdough because it’s definitely mild. And let me tell you this: this bread recipe makes the most amazing french toast. Cut it about 1 1/2 inches thick and use it for the best french toast breakfast you’ve ever had.

I hope you give this bread a try soon!

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