Wilton #230 Bismark Filling Tip

Wilton #230 Bismark Filling Tip

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It’s easy to fill cupcakes, snack cakes and other sweet treats using Wilton Filling Tip, Bismarck 230. No coupler needed; just cut the end of the decorating bag, drop the tip in the bag, fill the bag, insert the tip in treat and squeeze bag to fill. Use cream filling, pudding, icing or preserves! You’ll love how easy it is to add a delicious filling to your treats. Imagine the fun you’ll have trying different flavor combinations!

  • Add delicious buttercream or cream filling to cupcakes and other treats
  • No coupler needed; just use a cut icing bag and tip
  • Just insert the Wilton filling tip into the treat to infuse it with filling
  • Metal tip
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Add delicious butter cream, custard, or jelly fillings to your treats with the Wilton #230 Bismark Filling Tip. To fill cupcakes, insert the Wilton filling tip into the treat and squeeze bag. The firm tip creates an opening that you then can use for the centers of your choice. Whether you use a cream, pudding, icing or preserves, you’ll love how easy it is to add a delicious surprise to your treats. The decorating tip makes a fun way to mix and match with different flavor combinations.

A practical tool for people who like to bake, it can be used with disposable or cloth bags with ease. The metal piece is easy to maintain as well and can be washed between uses to prevent it from getting clogged.

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