Create Fancy Chocolates with Transfer Sheets

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Create Fancy Chocolates with Transfer Sheets

I think it’s pretty clear by now that I like to make food look fancy. But I also like the fancy to be easy to do. Chocolate transfer sheets are one of those things that take fancy down to the easy level.

Chocolate transfer sheets are acetate sheets that are embossed with cocoa butter and powdered food coloring. When the warm chocolate is spread on the transfer sheets, the design transfers to the chocolate, creating a visual effect that will leave people wondering how you achieved it. It’s so simple, but very impressive.

How To

Each transfer sheet is pretty large, so you may not need to use the whole sheet. If you need to, cut the chocolate transfer sheet to your desired size. Place it on your workstation with the textured side face up and the shiny side face down on the counter.

Spoon some of the melted chocolate onto the transfer sheet. Using an offset spatula, spread the chocolate in a thin layer over the sheet, so that all of the edges are covered. It’s okay if the chocolate goes past the edges. Allow the chocolate to sit for 5-7 minutes, until it begins to set around the edges but is not fully hard or brittle. At this point, you can carefully cut the chocolate into your desired shape using a knife or cookie cutter. After cutting, allow the chocolate to completely set. Use as decorations on top of cupcakes or whatever deserts you’d like.


Or you can do what I did and wait for it to completely set. After which, I peeled the transfer sheet off and broke it into pieces. I had sprinkled peppermint bits onto the other side to make some peppermint bark.

Another way you can use these is to dip your candies into chocolate and place them onto the transfer sheet. When they’re set, the transfer image would be on the bottom.

Or you can cut small pieces of your transfer sheets. Dip your chocolates and after each one is dipped, place the small piece of transfer sheet on the top. This will flatten out the top and create a nice image on top.

For the chocolates pictured above, I used a chocolate mold. I cut small pieces of the transfer sheets to the size of the mold and put them image side up, shiny side down in the bottom of each mold. I then spooned some chocolate into each mold cavity. When the chocolate was set, I removed the chocolate and peeled off the acetate.

The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and see what kind of awesome fancy chocolate creations you come up with! Stop by our store and pick some up for your holiday candy making.

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