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Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

I personally don’t think there is anything better than getting a yummy treat as a gift. And gift boxes are a perfect treat combination. During the holidays I don’t just give them as gifts, but I also buy them and keep them out around my house for all my amazing guests. Everyone knows when they come over there is going to be a little snack somewhere.

Gift Boxes

Did you know we sell gift boxes filled with nuts and candy? We have many options to choose from, all with the perfect flavor balance.

Pretzels and Nuts

They’re the perfect gift for a neighbor, co-worker, friend, or any nut-lover.

Nuts and Candy

What makes our treats stand out from the rest?

Chocolate Mixed

We roast our nuts fresh in our store daily.  You can taste the difference. Most of our treats are dipped ourselves fresh daily.

Large Nuts and Candy Gift Box

These are just a few of the many boxes we make. Check out our website, give us a call, or come to the store to see the rest!

Assorted Nut Gift Box

We are now taking orders for the 2021 year! Yay!

Come into our store or visit our website and get your fresh gift box today!  You can also call us at 1-888-881-9957 to order.


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