Homemade Fried Yeast Doughnuts

Homemade Fried Yeast Doughnuts

Why go through the trouble of making your own fried doughnuts? Because you need to. It’s really not that much trouble and the results will make you never want to buy them from the store again. Seriously, if you’ve never had a warm, freshly fried doughnut you’re missing out. Nothing beats a warm, soft, fluffy doughnut.

And do you know what might be fun? With Halloween and other Fall festivities coming up, maybe it would be fun to include doughnut making in your parties. Then take those fresh, warm, delicious doughnuts and use them to play the doughnuts on a string game, where you tie them up and try to eat them using only your mouth.



Recipe adapted from Alyona’s Cooking


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