How to Disguise Game Meat Taste

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How to Disguise Game Meat Taste

How to Hide the Taste of Game Meat

Regardless of if you are a hunter or someone who loves a hunter this article is being written for that significant other that ‘thinks’ they don’t like the taste of game meat. Unfortunately, since game meats are not as mainstream as beef or chicken, a lot of people are in this boat. However, you can get your loved ones to try to eat the game meat. There are a few simple things you can do to help disguise the taste.

How to disguise the taste of game meat deer

4 Methods for Disguising the Flavor of Game Meat

Method #1

First of all, disguising the taste of game meat starts with butchering. Adding pork fat or just regular hamburger in with the game meat will cut down on the venison taste. If you are working with fowl, cutting in chicken or turkey burger will help mellow that flavor.

There are two schools of thought here. The person in the family that actually likes the taste of game meat and the ones who do not.  The process of “cutting” the game meat with the turkey meat can spark controversy even in the most loving of homes.

If you are successful and your family members like the ‘cut’ or mixed game meat dishes, then you can divide up the portions that you want to grind your game meat into. You can still reserve portions of the loin for those rare occasions that your wife will be having a steak and you are left to fend for yourself on a particular night in October on a hill wearing camouflage.

Method #2

Option #2: If you don’t want to do method #1 at the butchering stage, you can do it when you are cooking at home. Simply make a double batch and add one pound game meat and one pound of the turkey burger.

Method #3

Another method you can use to disguise the taste of game meat is to use a sauce to cover it. To do this, simply brown the game meat in a pan and then add the sauce of your choice. Tomato based sauces work the best.

If you are making tacos or a chili, you can add the taco seasoning or chili powder as you brown the meat. When doing this, add just a little water plus the seasoning to allow the meat to cook until well cooked through.  Because of the seasonings, the gamey taste of the meat will be minimized and will make you some excellent chili or tacos.

Now, if you are trying to really love that deer hunter in your life, you can substitute your game meat instead of beef in dishes like spaghetti sauce. Because the flavor of tomatoes, basil, and garlic are the predominant flavors, diners tend to not be able to tell that game meat is the chosen protein.

Method #4

Our best way to disguise any game meat flavor is to marinate it overnight. You can try this with any of the ‘steak type’ cuts or even with the burger grind. A simple marinade that goes well with game meats is a good balsamic vinaigrette.

To marinate using the balsamic vinaigrette, simply fill up a zip-top bag with game meat and then add the mixture until it covers the meat.  Shake the bag and allow it to sit overnight or up to 24 hours in the fridge.


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