Mini Key Lime Pies

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Mini Key Lime Pies

Mini Key Lime Pies

Happy Pi Day! We have these cute Mini Key Lime Pies for you to celebrate your Pi Day.

Mini Key Lime Pie

This is a triple-duty dessert for this time of year. First of all, it’s green, so it can be used as a St. Patrick’s Day dessert. Second, it’s pie. Pi day (3.14) is March 14, so you can make this for your pi day pie. And third, it would make a fantastic Easter dessert. I love citrus all year long, but I think it’s particularly appropriate in the Spring.

Key Lime Pie Slice

This pie is so creamy and smooth and it definitely packs a punch of lime.


You know those little foil pie tins that store bought pot pies used to come in? We have empty ones for sale! Not only could you make single serving pot pies to freeze for a quick and easy last minute lunch or dinner, but you can also make single serving dessert pies. They would be great to give as gifts. Or slice them up and serve them as refreshments at your next gathering.

Key Lime Pie Whole

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