Two Ways to Battle Cold and Flu Season

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Two Ways to Battle Cold and Flu Season

Two Ways to Battle Cold and Flu Season

Fall is in the air.  It’s cold and rainy here.  This means that cold and flu season is on its way.  Not only do we sell bulk food, kitchen gadgets, and small appliances, but we also sell medicinal herbs and essential oils.

We have what you need to help you and your family prevent and combat any illness that may creep into your home this time of year.


First we have On Guard, doTERRA’s protective blend.  It contains wild orange, clove bud, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils.  Diffuse it into the air or inhale it directly.  It can also be applied topically to the skin.  Be sure to dilute it in a carrier oil with a ration of 1 part On Guard to 3 parts carrier oil for sensitive skin.  It can also be taken internally.  Put a couple drops in a glass of water and drink.


Another exciting product we have for the cold and flu season is the Blue Rose Ultrasonic Humidifier.  Most people use humidifiers in the winter with the dry heated air that our furnaces blow into our homes. However, humidifiers actually improve air quality in the home year-round, especially in hot dry areas.

Great Features Not Found in Most Humidifiers:

Wide Range Humidity Settings: Turn the dial for more or less humidity with a wide range of settings.

See-Through Water Tank: See-through tank allows you to plainly see the water level

Auto Shut-Off: Will automatically shut off when the water is out. 

NO Filters: Uses no filters, saving you the expense of buying replacements. Filters are often creators of mold that then gets blown into the air. 

Cool Mist: Creates a cool mist using ultrasonic vibration that is quiet and puts out a finer water particle mist that is safe in any room.

Mood Light: Mood light can be used with or without water in the unit or left off if wanted. 

Fragrance Bottle Receptacle: Fill the bottle with your favorite fragrance or essential oil by simply unlocking the bottle, removing the wick and filling the bottle. Then you simply replace the wick and put the bottle in the receptacle and twist to lock. Now you can enjoy whatever fragrance or essential oil along with the use of your humidifier. No messy drawer and you get a stronger scent without mixing of smells. Extra bottles with wicks are available. 

Low Power Consumption: Uses less energy than the average light bulb.
Be sure to watch the video about it.  You can find it here.

These two products are a great combination for battling and preventing sickness.  They’re definitely something you’re going to want to have in your home.


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